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Ayuda (help) is a group that was created to help the Latino population across the United States. Latinos are the most vulnerable population in the U.S. affected by COVID 19. Many Latinos cannot work from home and many do not have health insurance to visit a doctor if they’re feeling sick. Founders, Jason Rubio and Diana Anzaldua, a husband and wife team, wanted to help and to change this.

Ayuda is a collaborative errand service where people can volunteer to help in many ways. People can sign up to be a driver with Ayuda, volunteer at one of our local “Ayudante” (helper) drives, donate masks, or simply make a donation.

During the pandemic, we’re helping drivers earn 100% of the fees (other companies charge up to 25% to use their app/service).

Even just donating $1 can really help our community!

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Meet Jason and Diana

Both Jason and Diana are third generation Latinos. Their grandparents came to the US in hopes of a better life. Their grandparents and parents struggled with poverty due to the many issues that first and second generation families face.

Jason and Diana both wanted to pursue an education to get out of poverty. During college, both of them realized that they were “ayudantes” (helpers) and wanted to be in the helping fields.

Jason now holds a Master’s in Public Affairs and is a Master Teacher. He also is the founder and owner of Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths.

Diana is Licensed Therapist and holds a Master’s in Social Work. She also is the founder of Austin Trauma Therapy Center, as well as Contigo Wellness, a non-profit dedicated to providing mental healthcare access for everyone!

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